11 June 2011

Submission for Heart and Lungs

I've always had a weeny bit of an obsession with giant octopuses / squids, so when I heard the Heart and Lungs brief for submissions was 'stories from the sea' I leapt at the chance to draw an enormous cephalopod (geek) :D

I've whacked in the different stages so you can see how I work, I'm very much about drawing, so it starts off as a roughed up sketch (which is a stage before this drawing) Its basically the same, but I hadn't properly figured out the suckers and I've added the little propulsion what-si-mi-jigs on his cheeks. After I'd added those bits and pieces I scan it (this is where the magic begins).


The first thing I do in Photoshop is desaturate it and change the tone. Then clean up any horrible muck, I quite like leaving evidence that its drawn, but this one had some chocolate stains :P

After that I rough up the colour, painting the area that I want to use and then marqueeing it and putting a gradient in. I thought the gradient helped to make it leap off the page. I've got different layers appearing for suckers and such, because I felt it looked a bit flat with just the base colour.

Coloured in the boats pretty much and added a background of grey card I'd scanned from a sketchbook :P Kinda getting there now, but I'm not enjoying the colours, I think it's too pink.

Took a lot of the pink out with the Hue tool, but it looks a bit green now! :P and doesn't really have the depth I imagined with the background.

Scanned in some water colour textures And added this one to the background. Orientated it to look like the surface of the sea and it makes the whole thing look less static. As Gordon Ramsey would say: DONE.

Detail of one of the boats :P Bless the sea biscuit.

Hope you like it! and Hopefully it'll feature in next months edition of Heart and Lungs zine :]] J x

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