7 November 2011

Ohh Deer Launch

To celebrate our upcoming launch, we're announcing a bumper prize giveaway! We're giving away a whole load of goodies to those who help to spread our good name the most! Up for grabs are three levels of prizes:

 Your Choice of one of our T-shirts

An A3 Giclee print of Alice Potter's 'Red Fox' and an A4 Print of Jamie Mitchell's 'Winking Bear'

 A T-rex Tote by Jamie Mitchell

And Finally a voucher for 15% off your first order in our store!

Either: the choice of one of our T-shirts, a T-rex Tote, or an A4 Print of Sandra Dieckmann's 'White Bison' and a 10% voucher for your first order in our store.

Or A T-Rex tote by Jamie Mitchell

 Or an A4 Giclee Print of Sandra Dieckmann's 'White Bison'

A small gift and a 10% voucher to use on your first order in our store!

To qualify, you must do as many as the following as possible:
  • RT a link to this blog post and include the tag #ohhdeerlaunch and @ohh_deer so we can see who's doing a whole load of promoting.
  • Linking others to products they might like and including the tag and @ohh_deer in the tweet
  • Getting others to follow us on twitter using the tag and including us @ohh_deer in the tweet
  • Like our facebook page 
  • If you're a society 6 user promote this Post
    • And finally, by commenting on this post :D
    Those who do more shall reap the benefits! We shall be keeping an eye on efforts :D 

    The Competition ends on the 25th of November, and winners will be picked shortly after.

    2 November 2011

    Luke Waller - Times Editorial

    We're going to be giving you insights into the work of our Illustrators, to celebrate their successes and continuing development as artists. Luke Waller has been onboard with Ohh Deer since we started acquiring contributors and was recently commissioned to do an editorial piece for the times education supplement. We have a sneaky peak into the development.


    Luke's earlier submission - as you see the development / tweaking in the finished image below.

    Luke's Frolicsome zine arrived through my door a couple of days ago, it's a wonderfully edited fold out piece starting at A6 and working up to A3. Combining his most successful Illustrations in a way I could never do. It is a very coherent thing, and his style flows comfortably throughout until you get to the back image which is an overall montage of the work - works brilliantly. It will also be on sale in our shop soon, as a zine and some of the individual prints.

    31 October 2011

    Ho! Ho! Ho!

    The first lot are a collaboration between myself (Jamie) and Mark Callaby. Some alternative Christmas card action!
    The second set are by the wonderful Alice Potter (see her birthday cards below this post)
    The third set are by meee Jamie Mitchell
    and last but not least, the lovely set of contemporary Christmas cards are by Nicholas Darby :D

    26 October 2011

    Birthday Cards by Alice Potter

    As part of Alice Potter's range for Ohh Deer she's done some lovely birthday cards exclusively for us! 

    These will brighten the day of any recipient! You'll be able to get hold of them when we launch (or my pre-ordering ohhdeer@hotmail.co.uk) so keep your eyes peeled. Its looming people ;)

    24 October 2011

    Sandra Dieckmann - Digital Artist

    Say Hello to Miss Dieckmann! I knew Sandra had an interview in Digital Artist magazine, but when I was perusing the magazine aisle (in Tesco of all places) I thought I'd have a gander and found this mammoth 6 page feature on one of our lovely contributors! I was all 'that is getting blogged...'

    What a treat! There is a massive sampling of her talent and interview-based delight. A lot of the work will be available in our store :D

    Go check it out kids!

    7 October 2011

    Ghosts of Gone Birds

    Some of the gang at Ohh Deer have submitted entries to an All Tropicals T-shirt competition which would see their work produced alongside the ghosts of gone birds exhibition. The project aims to aid the conservation of our feathered friends by highlighting extinct species, we were supplied with a list of over 100 extinct birds and asked to Illustrate one..

    Help our illustrators get to the next stage by clicking on the artwork below and voting / promoting it (perhaps all of them? :D) 

    The best work will go on to be judged by Guy Garvey from the band Elbow, Jimi Goodwin from the band Doves and Marc Riley, the DJ from BBC 6. But we need all the support we can get, so spread the word!

    Alice Potter - Huia

    Jamie Mitchell - Cuban Macaw

    Nicholas Darby - White Gallinule

    6 October 2011

    Sneak Peak

    Hello to you! Here's a sneak peak of the delights you can expect from our website when it launches :D My good friend William Hardy. He has some work in a competition and would appreciate your help. Simply click Here, find his name then click it :D

    As promised there are some new additions, a lovely design by Alice Potter entitled Russian Palace and another addition by Jamie with an underwater theme, you can pre-order them now, simply email us at: ohhdeer@hotmail.co.uk.

    29 September 2011

    Rufus Hound On Celebrity Juice

    The wonderful Rufus Hound was kind enough to wear one of our T-shirts on Celebrity Juice. if you missed it, feast your eyes on the above! You can purchase them before our website launches by email us at: ohhdeer@hotmail.co.uk

    24 September 2011

    White Bison

    Here's Sandra Dieckmann's first edition to the brand, her lovely white bison illustration has been turned into a tee :D