2 November 2011

Luke Waller - Times Editorial

We're going to be giving you insights into the work of our Illustrators, to celebrate their successes and continuing development as artists. Luke Waller has been onboard with Ohh Deer since we started acquiring contributors and was recently commissioned to do an editorial piece for the times education supplement. We have a sneaky peak into the development.


Luke's earlier submission - as you see the development / tweaking in the finished image below.

Luke's Frolicsome zine arrived through my door a couple of days ago, it's a wonderfully edited fold out piece starting at A6 and working up to A3. Combining his most successful Illustrations in a way I could never do. It is a very coherent thing, and his style flows comfortably throughout until you get to the back image which is an overall montage of the work - works brilliantly. It will also be on sale in our shop soon, as a zine and some of the individual prints.

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