1 July 2011

Lanzarote Funtimes! Part 1

East Midlands Airport 5am..

The hotel lobby
Marcus (little brother) and Mark
Our lovely room and the view :D

Marcus snorkelling in the jacuzzi?

Me and Mark in the pool.. Mark admiring my handstand..
Mark and Marcus attemping their own.. (fail)
Auntie, Mum and Marcus
Craziness Ensued
Mum and my sister.. Amy being the beaut that she is..
Dean, Nicola, Mum, Amy, Me and Mark :D
I love this photo :P its just one of those moments which makes you chuckle looking at it :D

Amy perving on the nudist area..

Playa Blanca, I think I'll whack up another chapter of the adventure, so it doesn't seem so stunted, there are about 3 more sections to post, otherwise it'd be an enormous beast of a blog..

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