4 July 2011

Part 5: Waterbabies

Getting ready for a proper dive!
Dragging him off to his death..

I joke, here he is :D

We went scuba diving quite a lot, and often took our nets, I didn't take my camera that day, but we caught plenty of green fish and I even (without trying caught a bloody scorpionfish.. (I didn't realise what it was at the time but guessed I shouldn't touch the thing :P)).
and I name thee Gerald

And on the last day! Mark's handstand = Perfecto.. He was doing it properly on like day 2 but you weren't to know that ;) Oh and that's a flippin' Baracuda in the middle! doesn't look very fierce :P but y'know there are baby Baracuda's out there :D


  1. HA! these are my most favourite photies yet! your underwater pics are amazing! mine always come out rubbish x

  2. This looks amazing! I'm completely jealous :)

  3. Ah, well I won't lie the underwater ones were taken by the dive instructor :D but it was great fun! Jadore scuba..